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A Bronze member is a student actively enrolled in the Institute at Level 1 of the ACCA qualifications completing Foundations of Accountants in Business (F1), Management Accounting (F2) and Financial Accounting (F3). This also includes students who are pursuing only one or two of the three (3) papers having already completed one or two papers. This is your first entry as a member into the Institute.This level indicates that you are at the Diploma Level of the ACCA Qualification and is now working to become a Silver Member. A major benefit of been a Bronze member is that once you have completed the Bronze membership level the Institute will seek job opportunities for you to help address the many members who face unemployment issues or Frictional unemployment problems where the right jobs are not acquired to suit your qualifications. Another benefit is that Bronze members who complete their exams on the first attempt and is successful will be specially awarded at our annual Prize giving ceremony.

July 9, 2019

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